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Wow- what a time to be alive! Everything is POPPING and it looks as though the human race will melt down after all. So fun! It makes me smile and laugh to regard the latest corruption, the newest arrest of pedophiles. The stink of the human shit is so great that it’s hard to take how depraved we really are. But that is the beauty of it at the end of the day- how deep is your shit?

Gratefully once these days are gone, they are gone forever. Once we ascend into the true knowing of our shining and how everything is well in hand we will laugh at the darkness. How it erupts like “rockets at the fun fair, Satan wants a bomb scare, but won’t scare you” (U2) know why? Because it is all ONE.

I am not afraid and in fact intend to spend this time promoting self- love. My activism is in my knowing. My happiness (true spiritual warfare is staying positive you know) combats more demons than your fear, your hate, your dread, your “resistance”. My happiness is like a Trump. Hilarious!

The depth of the darkness is only a fraction of the height of the light. Since the Mighty I AM Presence is so great, so beautiful, so divine in all ways, the darkness must be incredibly ugly, muddy, nasty, gross. And to see our shadow being played out by Trump? Perfect. To hate this moron is to hate my moronic self. To call him Orange is to call myself fat and ugly. To discuss his “base” nature is admitting that I too have a base nature, because I recognize this character in him, I must know this in myself! So as I cremate the man, or whomever is on the skewer at the moment, let me bless them and remember that I AM HE, as YOU ARE HE, as YOU ARE ME, and WE ARE ALTOGETHER.

Even his name makes me happy for our future. Trump. Finally, a Trump! The Lord cracks me up. Not so subtle that change is here. Once we get through this part of it, this ugly outburst of fear and facing our shadow, we will be in the Golden Age. Yep, Golden. Weird huh? So great! Such great news!

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